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read this book. take the time to find it and spend the next couple of hours to read it. very interesting story told over generations of time. each story building on the previous generation and the ideas that were established. All of them looking for one goal, prolong human life on earth.

Final Crisis

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I liked this story line. A bunch of characters that I am unfamiliar with, but that was not a hard problem to get over, I just do not know the DC universe that well, but hopefully that will change. This is a great story line and a lot of things are happening that definitely make it a good close to a series.

Convergence Crisis - Book One

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The convergence stories always intrigued me and I now know why. All possible earths are now going to go toe to toe to see who survives. It might take another reading and research around this, but it just did not intrigue me enough to read others.

Green Lantern Corps Recharge

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Green lantern use to be one of my favorite comics growing up. But like any good separation you each go your separate ways then when you meet years down the road you look at each other thinking that each of you are going to be the same. Then reality sets in and you both realize that so much has changed in a 30 minute dialogue is not going to be enough to catch up and know what really is going on.

The Mighty Thor

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There is a lot going on in this story line. And then silver surfer shows up with Galactus to make it even weirder. Great avenger. Just not a favorite character of mine.

Y the Last Man

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Meh for now. But there are elements that definitely that I can see to make this a great story Like a twilight zone that seems eerily too real

United States of Japan

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This was not a unique story line that I originally thought it was going to be. It has the same concept of Man in the High Castle in my opinion, with the exception of giant mechs like the ones from Pacific Rim. I just think that there could be a little more to the story, possibly throw it more into the future.

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The Jungle Book

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It was a good movie, the kids loved it and the animation was spot on. But it just does not compare to the original from my childhood. That could just be nostalgia, but it is hard to really see a animated bear (that is to look real) start singing and not eating a kid of the jungle.

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Lady Snow Blood

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I am not sure why I picked this up, it was an article or a friend that said "Oh, you like this, then check this out". Not really my style, but it had its moments. If I do find any floating around in a comic shop I will be sure pick it up.

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James Vs. The New World Order

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This was a first for me, a comic book that I backed on Kickstarter. I am really glad that I did. The story has something going for it, where I am regretting not backing other copies. I still might pick up them up.

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